Light, Space, Temporality

In her transitional spaces, Evi Keller reveals, through an alchemical principle, a world of elements in the process of becoming, where light is amplified and vibrates, transfiguring her lived experiences.

Matière-Lumière crystallizes artistic approaches such as photography, painting, sculpture and audiovisual art, making explicit, among other things, their fusion and their rapport with light. Matière-Lumière consists of multiple and changing works, musical scores interpreted by light like veils floating outside their frames, which free themselves from space and the environment in which they were created. Transformed into healing veils, band-aids covering wounds and protecting abstract forms, they are the mysteries of a magical, living matter, which diversifies and refines itself in mineral, vegetal, animal and human forms, thereby giving birth to explosive, volcanic landscapes of a mysterious, faraway world.

To watch her works is to begin a journey between interior and exterior, between the infinitely small and the infinitely large. It is to live in a world where light travels through multiple layers of reflective surfaces until it becomes an abstraction that concentrates and distills all lived experience in order to find equilibrium in disequilibrium. It is also to receive a light made visible in its multiple forms in a present that includes all past and all future… It is finally to see it reflected and refracted by opaque, translucent worlds which dematerialize space and reveal to us our most profound inner selves. Its reflection in the wounds of the past allows us to perceive the meaning of chaos while maintaining its multiplicity and richness.

An auditory and visual poem, Matière-Lumière rises in a vertigo where day follows a long night, and where light, softly born from silence, liberates the soul in transparency, bursting the mirror.